Tension has gripped the people of Niger State and security operatives in the state as some youths threaten to blow up the three hydroelectric dams in the state over the persistent decline in electricity supply to consumers.

The security operatives in the state and the government have also been gripped with fear by the threat because similar threat to occupy the Abuja Electricity Development Company (AEDC) offices issued by the youths was carried out and resulted in a four-day blackout in Minna and environs last December.

As a result, security has been beefed up around all the electrical installations, including the Jebba, Kainji and Shiroro hydroelectric dams.

The #YouthleadNigeria# had given the AEDC up to January 5 to improve its services by ensuring uninterrupted supply of electricity for 24 hours daily or face the consequences.

Convener of the group, Mohammed  Etsu, told journalists in Minna at the weekend that “AEDC has not met our demands so we will carry out our actions including blowing up of the hydroelectric dams in the state

According to him, “We will begin sit-out at the Shiroro Transmission Station in Minna from Monday, January 8,(today), and our members throughout the state will occupy all AEDC offices to show that we are serious about our demands.”

He asked the people of the state to “join us in this project,” saying: “For once, we should stand up for our right.”  Flanked by other officials of the group, Etsu declared that “instead of the AEDC to meet our demands, we are retrogressing, resulting in all businesses collapsing; investors refusing to invest in the state, unemployment increasing by the day.

“We learned that the government has met with the AEDC officials and reach an agreement with them; the government has not briefed us, if we have to change our position, the government must be ready to be held accountable, and assure us that AEDC will give a 24-hour supply of electricity.”

The #YouthleadNigeria, he said,  would also this week institute an N100billion suit against the AEDC to “recover the amount illegally made from our  people as a result of estimated billings over the years compensation for families who lost their loved ones and property as a result of power surge around the state and others.”

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