Nigeria’s solar energy generation and distribution would soon have a boost with the federal government’s announcement of plans to increase the current 300megawatts operational capacity of Shiroro Hydro Power Station (SHPS) to complement Hydroelectric generation with solar energy generation in the country.

According to the chief operational officer of SHPS, Alhaji Dauda Abdulaziz, the new solar plant would be digitally controlled. “The new solar form of energy generation we are introducing will generate an additional 300mw. With this progress Nigerians will henceforth enjoy more power supply,” he said, adding “It is a project that has prospect of employment for skilled young Nigerians.”

Abdulaziz told a joint team of executives of Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC), Infrastructure Concessions Regulatory Commission (ICRC), and Bureau for Public Enterprises (BPE) at the hydroelectric dam site that every hydro power plant in the country has been mandated to generate at least 3,000megawatts annually.

The annual energy generation currently is 2,260mw, while the dam’s installed capacity is 600mw, 4 units each that generate 150mw. There are four units meant to generate power, but right now we only use two to generate 300mw because the other two units are under maintenance and are not generating energy for now,” Abdulaziz said while briefing his guests at the site.

If the proposed addition in the production capacity of the hydro plants sees the light of the day, it will guarantee some relative power supply to Nigerians who are facing uphill task getting power for their various activities.

Ogie Omelegie
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