Royal Niger Emerging Technologies Ltd., a Nigerian oil company says it has invested $24 million in the construction of umbilical plants in the country. Umbilicals form the links between subsea production systems, remote control, power, communications, and chemical supply services. They can be static or dynamic (in water column) their design provide the right connections for offshore oil and gas installations and are thermoplastic or steel tubings.

The first phase of the project cost about $6 million, and we are providing to our Nigerian colleagues, says Mr. Anthony Okolo, Managing Director of the company, these; include the acquisition of sites in Port Harcourt, facilities out-fittings, existing facilities upgrade, equipment purchase and training.

Conducting Journalists through the project located at Ago-Ajo village, Badagry area of Lagos State, Okolo said the second phase of the project would cost $18 million for factory constructions. “This is the progress that we have made following our announcement last year that we are going to build finished umbilical manufacturing plants in Nigeria,” he added: Not just in that facility, but also in developing the facilities around it. The 2km road which we are currently constructing and the proposal for the future jetty which will be located at the base of the development will be called ‘Angel Park.”“We have completed the foundation that is capable of withstanding 35-tons of squared-meter of load and the initial steel works we are putting to be able to erect the new facilities.

We are very pleased to announce also that we have completed our phase one commitment which is the establishment of assembly and integration facility. We have already performed work at one of our facilities in Port Harcourt.

Prior to this, Nigeria has had about 12-14 kilometres of different types of umbilicals manufactured and repaired locally every year for deep water contracts like Bonga fields, Bonga North west, ERHA and USAN.

Folashade Olubayo
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