There is this little joke on the Pakistani satellite. It was claimed that the probe had found water and whales in the moon. The Brits had a different version of the same story. They claimed they found the satellite in some sea…what ever…where ever. I doubt that other countries are catching up.

This issue of EnergyNews became quite a challenge; it is hydra headed in terms of defining the root cause of the disease called access to electric power in Nigeria.In delving into the crisis we came to realize that the various actors are stuck to act 1 scene 1, because all the specialist playwrights cannot seem to go beyond diagnosing the symptoms.

At the last count, Mr. President was told that power projection for Nigeria would be in the region of 135,000 megawatts.

This was at the last presidential conference on power in early May 2012.
Fantastic, given the projection that 1mw of power cost about $1m dollars then we will be looking at a $135billion industry here for the various buccaneers and pirates in the power corridors..corn don land..According to the popular TV advert of the 80’s.
The problem here is while the experts continue to treat the symptoms and proffer high-faluting ideas; the patient is gradually sliding from coma to rigor mortis what with the array of faulty diagnoses. Terrible!
But even in absolute terms, there is no cause for worry. Power sector job growth has improved dramatically; Ministers of power invariably end up as governors and are then exposed to global competition. Meanwhile the median annual incomes of Nigerians grow by anaemic percentages.
In “Assessing Deliverables in the Electric power sector” Energynews has critically looked at the various factors in the industry that can grow a fledgling power sector.
Our interview with Chief Philip Asiodu gives us the insight on how the quintessential civil servants carefully planned the Nigerian power sector only for the bulls in the China shop to turn everything upside down. Please see interview on Page 14.
Next we followed through on the Nigerian Integrated power projects, Its challenges, prospects and expectations all the way to project overview from pages 18 to 24.
On the main cover story we out that the road map as embedded in the Electric Power sector reform act is nothing but a winding thorough fare to nowhere.
Nigeria has cumulative reserve of over 2billion metric tons of high grade low sulfur coal, the major ingredient for base plants for electricity.
These plants can be sited at each geo political zones of the country. Coal has the advantage of resilience and like diesel would be most suited for the long haul for base power needs.
But No! Strategic thinking tells our policy makers that gas can be the only option for now.
Please read “Bartholomew’s Gospel: Jonathan’s Road map, The Missed Milestones and Mr. President speaks” Pages 26 -33.
My good friend Ade says he shivers when his attorney says”trust me, am a lawyer” my reply is simple this is Nigeria, Can you trust a Policeman?, a Judge?, a Minister [reverend or politician?] Pray what ever happened to the power sector probe report? Dollar bills talk, Nigerians walk.
My boss Dan Agbese puts it succinctly. We are all “Tethered to the Millstone” Page 49-50 and Mr. President says uhuru is round the corner, Nnaji is the Messiah. I say read my lips

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