Speaking at a lecture organized by the Department of State Service Abuja, titled “Challenges of Governance and Development in Africa,”  Former Ghanaian President, Mr. John Mahama, on Friday,3rd November, said that African leaders must be bold and take the destiny of the region into the hands of Africans.


According to him, “African destiny lies in the hands of Africans. We cannot expect that anybody will come from anywhere to develop our continent and nations for us. We must take our destinies into our own hands. Africa is the most dynamic continent when you come to telecommunications, especially when it comes to mobile telecommunication. We have the fastest growing broadband access than any other part of the world. 

“Today mobile money developed in Kenya has become the model for the rest of the world and is being copied in East Asia and other parts of the world, spreading across the countries. “What we did in telecom, we can do in energy. Today everybody has phones, allowing people to communicate. 


 “We can do the same in energy by putting in place the appropriate policy to enable power supply spread across the continent. There is no way we can develop and catch up with the rest of the world if we do not have power because we need the power to establish those businesses and build capacity, and we cannot compete if we use power from expensive sources. 

“Nigeria should produce petroleum and export to the rest of Africa first before considering the rest of the world. This is not a development paradigm that the developed nations enthused about, “And the earlier we work on our continental security and put our interest above external interests, no matter the consequences, the sooner we realize the benefits as a continent.


“Personalization of power may have an allure of its own, but no one rules forever. The best way to guarantee the development of our generation and descendants is through institutional values .“ 

Maureen Nzeogu
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