November 15 2016 marked the formal opening of the Paris Agreement, the first time that all the parties that ratified the agreement would come together. In a recently released UNEP Emissions Gap report [1] ti had concluded that the world is not on track to meet the 1.5ºC stated goal of the Paris Agreement to prevent even more severe climate impacts like killer floods, droughts and sea level rise which climate science demands that emissions reductions must take place right away.

As 2016 is confirmed as the hottest year on record, the hopes of millions of people are invested in the promise of the Paris Agreement to limit temperatures to well below 1.5ºC warming and prevent catastrophic climate disaster. They say rich countries must increase their weak targets in the crucial pre-2020 period and stop shirking their obligations to help poorer countries deal with climate impacts, grow cleanly and tackle the gross inequality that denies so many the right to dignified life.

Some rich countries, in the EU and Japan, who have already met their weak targets and must show real leadership by committing to increase action, ending their addiction to fossil fuels as quickly as possible and supporting the acceleration of the renewable energy revolution that is already underway,” says Asad Rehman, Friends of the Earth International. Friends of the Earth International calls on governments to use this High Level gathering to deliver a concrete plan for 2018 that must includes how all parts of the Agreement are being met on the emissions cuts, the finance, technology transfers and the adaptation measures.

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