Joseph Dawha, group managing director (GMD), Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), has enjoined the Nigerian Navy to help the corporation to curtail crude oil theft and other social crimes in the Nigerian maritime waters.

He also emphasized the need for the NNPC and the Nigerian Navy to strengthen ties for the socio-economic growth and stability of the nation. Dawha stated this during a courtesy visit to Vice Admiral Usman Jibrin, Chief of Naval Staff, in Abuja.

Dawha applauded the navy for its tremendous support to the NNPC and its partners in fostering and ensuring a secure environment for its personnel, facilities and operations.

The NNPC boss said the navy has supported the corporation in securing its assets and facilities in the upstream, midstream and downstream of the oil and gas industry adding that the aggressive patrols and surveillance have led to the arrest of pirates and illegal bunkerers over the years.

He maintained that the gallant security presence of the Navy has gone a long way in stabilizing NNPC operations in Escravos, Warri, Port Harcourt, Bonny, Atlas Cove in Lagos and the Nigerian Petroleum Development Company operations in Benin City and its environs.

Dawha expressed the readiness of the NNPC to sustain the engagement with the navy and other security personnel especially in the areas of pipeline security, vandalism, crude and product theft and the associated crimes of kidnapping and abduction of oil workers on the near shore, offshore and deep water.

Jibrin, in his response, reassured the GMD and the top management of the NNPC of the navy’s continuous support in reducing oil theft, illegal bunkering, piracy and poaching to its barest minimum.

He said the activities of oil bunkerers and illegal refiners have given the country a negative image and the navy is determined to chase the perpetrators of these nefarious acts out of business for the common good of the country.

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