To halt the stealing of Nigeria’s crude oil by locals who connive with operators of foreign vessels, the federal government said yesterday that it was introducing a fingerprint technology which will track products anywhere in the world.  Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu, who spoke in Odi, Bayelsa State, yesterday, also disclosed that the Buhari government was set to build an oil and gas institute in the state due to the immense contribution of Bayelsa in the sector. 

Onu, who was also in Odi to inaugurate a Bio-resources Laboratory and the livestock feed mill complexes at the Bio-resources Development Centre (BIODEC), disclosed that the programme which would take off before the end of the year will solve the problem of economic sabotage.  “Nigeria is changing with this capacity here now, we will able to do many things. I just gave them instruction that by the end of the year, we should have to fingerprint of our crude oil, so that if anybody steals it we will be able to identify it. 

“Even crude oil can have fingerprints and with the equipment, we have here, we can do it in Nigeria. One problem that we have is that we rely on other people to solve our problems. We produce crude oil, we export it, but we now import refined petroleum products.  We export our woods and we bring in toothpicks. We don’t want that anymore and for you to do all these things we rely on others. We have to look inward and we need to build capacity and that is what this facility is doing for us. We can do genome mapping of our rare crops, plants, animals that are unique to us. We can even fingerprint our own crude oil. We also need to fight poverty. If you create jobs, you will fight poverty, if you train people, you fight poverty and that’s what they are doing here and I think we are ready to fight poverty.” 

Alade Counselor
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