In its quest for alternative sources of energy to boost power supply in the country, the federal government through the Mining Cadastre Office, Abuja, has announced the retention of 54 coal titles while 44 were revoked from an initial list of 119 slated for withdrawal.
The statement indicated that 13 coal titles have also been relinquished while four others are still under processing.
According to the report, the revocation was based on the companies’ non-compliance with the Nigerian Minerals and Mining Act, 2007, dormancy, non-submission of statutory report and non-payment of annual service fees.
Top three companies on the list of those whose coal mining titles were revoked are Western Goldfield Group Limited, Dome Minerals Nigeria Limited and Nifex Limited.
Ashakacem Plc, NCC Okabo Mines Limited, Golden Horsefield Mining Company Limited and 51 others had their coal titles retained for submitting satisfactory reports to the regulatory body.
The statement also indicated that the coal titles that were relinquished also submitted satisfactory reports.
However, the office stated that the revocation of some coal titles was as a result of unsatisfactory report submitted and inactiveness. Some were also revoked for having defaulted and not submitting report to the regulatory body as required.
Meanwhile, the notice indicated that the four coal titles of Owkpa Consolidated Mines Limited are still under processing as a result of the unsatisfactory performance “in compliance.”

Johnson Alabi
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