We have indeed been on a long journey in our own country. We have been told that the vast world that had so fascinated our citizens, drawing us away from the comforts of our mothers’ bosoms in search of a better standard of life has literally shrunk and become a global village.
Maybe the shrinking precipitated the much…

talked about global economic recession, but whatever the case maybe, Nigerians are trooping back home in record numbers because the golden fleece seems to have lost a lot of its luster. What is a person to do when he has no job in a foreign country, and the sons of the soil in that country hate his guts as well. I would prescribe a reversal of the brain drain trend, and lend my voice to those who are calling the strays back home. It is quite in order to say that home is the safest place one can be, right! WRONG.
Imagine a situation where the most dreadful ogre in your life is your own father. Where do you run to for protection? Who should plead your case? The Nigerian police have put so much fear in our collective psyches that once you see anyone in uniform, your heart starts to beat and you make a wide detour and do your utmost to escape their attention. It is said that the guilty are afraid, so we really must be a terribly bad lot in this country because I am scared stiff of most symbols of authority. When I drive up to a police check point, my palms begin to sweat and I’m literally shaking because I hate confrontations, and I just know that aside from all my vehicle papers being in order, the little broom my daughter removed from the car will be the next item the officer will demand from me in order to keep Nigeria clean. Of course, when they have nothing to hold me on, they make me feel thoroughly guilty because I haven’t dropped a stipend for the boys who have been standing under the hot sun all day, protecting me from all the real and imaginary hoodlums around.
So , home comes “Andrew”, with a lot less of the swagger with which he had checked out, eager to contribute his quota to a better Nigeria, after all he has learnt the really hard way that Nigeria is one of the few countries on earth where you can become a trillionaire almost over night, if you can get your hands on some fuel subsidy monies. Anyway, there is ‘Andrew’, freshly home from God’s own country, irritating the living daylights out of all of us ‘bush types’ that didn’t go anywhere with his fake ‘oyinbo’ accent, and high falluting ideas about how to fix up Nigeria.

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