When it comes to the electric car business, it appears Tesla is not the only game in town. Electric-car producer Mims Motors wants to give it a run for its money. Based in Henderson, Nevada, Mims Motors was created by Eric Mims as an ambitious plan to build an electric-sports car with three times the range of the Tesla Model S.

Kelowna corporate investor Silas Allan was introduced to the product and felt so strongly about its success, that he put all his cash on the table. He says “I provide commercial funding for many companies and one day I came across his company and put all my chips on the table, It is technology that is 100 per cent clean, it is cheap energy, it is 24/7 energy.”

The company is currently looking into a possible production plant in Kelowna, Canada, where one of the six models of Mims Motors would be manufactured. “We would like to bring the manufacturing of one model to Kelowna,” said Allan, and added that this is in the very early stages. “There is a lot to think about and there is a lot of logistics that need to happen. It is a work in progress, but Mims is very open to opening a headquarters in Canada, in Kelowna.”

This week, the company announced that it aims to begin production of its electric cars in Nigeria; a move that Allan says will bring far-reaching benefits to the impoverished nation. When asked how they will compete with industry giants, Allan said they are working with them not against them, to license the technology and to established vehicle brands. “Because of the way it works, we are actually providing countries with clean energy and clean water, in addition to the clean vehicles. The four-phase frictionless magnetic motor system uses a DCPC battery (a direct-charging power cell battery) which is a salt-water cartridge.” Allan said

The company stated that the Nigerian power plant will desalinate one cubic meter of salt water for every 1.5 kilowatt of power produced, generating potable water that can be used for drinking, farming and domestic life. He said the battery utilizes saltwater as an electrolyte and works in such a way that the DCPC desalinates the salt water and expels grey water. The grey water is processed through a membrane system to remove pathogens and provide drinking water. “When the water comes out it is potable, clean water.”

While many might think Tesla is the company’s main competition, Allan said they are in a different league. “Telsa only gets about 270 miles to the battery, ours will be a 1,000 miles per charge “It is amazing technology.”

Eric Mims and the Executive Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Udom Emmanuel, are finalizing the partnership to provide statewide solutions in the delivery of renewable energy, potable water and the introduction of electric vehicles. Allan is working closely with Mims on the board of directors and the representatives from Mims are reportedly flying to Nigeria, September,2016, to finalize the deal.

Allan said that the partnership, is valued at US$2.2 billion and it will provide Akwa Ibom State with a 2,000-megawatt power plant as well as an assembly plant for electric cars – making Mims Power International. The company is looking at bringing their business to countries all over the world. “We are talking to 40-plus countries at the moment,” Final agreements for the Nigerian partnership will be signed this fall in Uyo, Nigeria.

Maureen Nzeogu
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