Agge Communities both in Delta and Bayelsa states have debunked the claim by the militant group, nicknamed “Niger Delta Avengers,” that it blew up the 48-inches diameter line belonging to Shell Petroleum Development Company, SPDC at Forcados Terminal Export Line. Representatives of the states in a statement , claimed that the oil spill was not due to sabotage by either the Niger Delta Retaliators or any known militant group as claimed by the militants some few days back. The representatives numbering about 21 , dismissed the reported threat by the group to blow up more oil installations, saying it was a mere propaganda as no such militant group exists. The “spill was not due to sabotage by either the Niger Delta Avengers or any known militant group whatsoever and this is a dangerous dimension now being introduced by SPDC to her known corporate traits and lies,” the group said in Warri, the Delta state capital on Tuesday. “If at all the spill was a sabotage,” it said, “we challenge NOSDRA to provide the evidence of such a sabotage because it is immoral for SPDC to claim sabotage when there is a regulatory agency which has the statutory duty through a Joint Investigation Visit (JIV) provided for by the NOSDRA Establishment Act, 2007 and its two (2) Regulations of 2011.” Restating that the recent experience was reminiscent of the corporate lies of SPDC during the Bonga oil spill of 2011 which converted that devastating spill as a mystery spill, the Agge Communities representatives  “urged the public to ignore the media hype by SPDC as it tends to paint the Niger Delta communities, especially the communities close to the Forcados Terminal Area in a bad light and before the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, President Mohammadu Buhari.”

Maureen Nzeogu
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