Monaca, a software tools and services solution company has announced its plans to build 198 solar panels at its reservoir, which is expected to produce over $200,000 worth of electricity. According to reports, the solar panels would be installed on the ground and buildings at the reservoir, although it also plans on building a new garage-like structure that will house at least half of the panels.

The panels would cost $150,000 to buy and install, half of which was paid for by a state grant, the Borough Manager Mario Leone said, adding that it could commence operation by April, 2016, while stating that Borough headquartered in Beaver County, Pennsylvania which borders the Ohio River, is also planning to build a new garage-like structure that will house at least half of the panels.

We’re looking between a 7 1/2 to nine-year payback on our $75,000 contribution. “The solar system over 20 years is expected to generate over $200,000 in electricity,” Leone said, giving hope that the number could be higher if the solar panels exceed their typical lifespan of 25 to 30 years.

The solar panel project is just one of several that have led to Monaca being designated a gold-certified municipality in sustainability. The latest solar project means the borough could soon be certified as platinum. “The borough is a leader in sustainability,” he said. “I believe that with the installation of the solar panels and other things we’re working on, we will probably achieve that higher standard,” The Times quoted Leone as saying.

The panels that are expected to generate about 63,000 kilowatt yearly could get the approval of the borough council on the 26th of this month when a public hearing will be held on the project

Folashade Olubayo
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